Hearing Rehabilitation

Hearing rehabilitation is one of the key factors for a successful hearing aid experience. Modern hearing instruments are now a complete communication system and it will take first-time wearers a while to adjust to their new devices. Lost hearing can be restored however it will take time to maximize your listening experience and rediscover sounds you have been missing.

Here are some tips to help make adjusting to your new devices easier:

  • Elicit help of a family member, friend or loved one for support in helping you adjust to the new responsibilities of hearing instrument ownership.
  • Give yourself time. Hearing instruments are designed to provide you with a greater range of sounds and these new sounds may surprise and tire you at first. It’s ok to take a break from conversations or noisy environments, as needed.
  • Adjust to your own voice. It is likely that at first, your voice will sound different and this is to be expected. The more consistently you wear your hearing instruments the better your voice will sound to you.
  • Don’t expect to hear everything right away. Avoid turning up the volume too loud as this can lead to distorted sound and discomfort. When possible, allow your hearing instruments to automatically adjust when in different listening environments.
  • Block out the noisy world. Start by focusing on what you want to hear and practice filtering out the rest.
  • Go slow. Learn one thing at a time. Practice listening and stay in contact with your hearing care professional. Many first-time wearers say the time spent adjusting is well worth the benefits.