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Induction Loop Systems

Audio Loop Solutions is one of only a few companies in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in the marketing, selling and installation of Induction Loop Systems for commercial & residential projects. We are also the proud distributor in the Pacific Northwest for a fully American made product of this nature, Oval Window Audio. Oval Window Audio was hand-selected by Audio Loop Solutions after much research and product demonstration of competitor lines offered throughout the World. Audio Loop Solutions Spokane office is the first in the nation, to have an onsite, full operational sound/demo room for many of the Induction Loop and Assistive Listening- type products available today.

Our hope is to help all of the Pacific NW and our local hearing impaired community to become the newest region in the United States that is both functional and advantageous for its hard-of-hearing citizens as well as ADA compliant.

Audio Loop Solutions

To date, Audio Loop Solutions has installed hearing loops in multiple commercial locations throughout the Northwest in addition to several private residences.

Induction Loop Systems for Commercial & Residential Projects

An Induction Loop System works via a telecoil or a special receiver unit supplied with headphones or ear buds. A telecoil is a very small component located within most hearing aids. When the telecoil is activated by the hearing aid user, they cease to hear anything in the room other than the input from the designated transmitter. When an area is “looped”, you have a direct connection to the desired source; a PA system or other allocated audio/visual equipment such as television. Furthermore, if you are a hearing aid user, you will be hearing all this at your specific audiologic needs directly in your ears. If you do not have hearing aids or do not have hearing aids that have a telecoil in them, you will get amplification benefit through an Induction Receiver with Headset unit.

Audio Loop Solutions Induction Loop System is invisible in most applications. It can be strategically placed within walls (construction phase or acoustical ceilings) or on walls (wanes coating or atop base molding/crown molding), or under floors and connected directly to existing audio equipment and an Induction Loop Transmitter. It works via an extreme low grade magnetic field, strong enough only to work with the telecoil option in the hearing aid. The Induction Loop System does not get in the way of adding other audio or video equipment; it stands on its own.

Once a room is looped, it’s looped – it never goes out of date or needs service. You can always choose to upgrade your audio equipment, but the actual wiring never needs to be done again. It is the absolute most cost effective application to help the masses. The only limit to how many people can be amplified in a room is the limit of how many people you can fit in that room. It is not an FM or Infrared signal; it is hard-wired in and as long as one has an Induction Loop Amplifier System, hearing aid with a telecoil or an Induction Receiver with Headset (no matter what brand or where it was attained) they will hear any place within this room. Induction Loop sound is to be experienced to truly hear and understand it’s benefit to all, but necessary for all hearing impaired individuals to experience quality sound.

Portable Induction Loop Units

In addition to Induction Looping Services for large rooms, Audio Loop Solutions provides Portable Induction Loop Units for individual or business use. In the near future, we plan to begin offering Workplace Assessments for Assistive Technologies specifically for the hearing impaired.

Our principles of running a business remain simple and to-the-point – supply the best equipment, for a fair price and back it up with service, second to none … Audio Loop Solutions, Inc.


Educate, demonstrate & change through experience, one person, one workplace, and one community at a time.

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