Hearing Evaluations

Western uses the latest, state of the art equipment to evaluate your hearing. These comprehensive tests measure hearing loss and assist in determining your hearing healthcare needs.



Hearing Rehabilitation

Lost hearing can be restored through a wide variety of state of the art hearing aids. Today’s hearing aids use nano technology to deliver more precise and natural hearing results for patients. Today’s hearing instruments are smaller, more powerful, more flexible and produce better sound than ever before.
You can choose from a number of different styles, including: hearing aids completely in the ear canal,
to those located on top of or behind the ear. Whatever your choice, you’ll enjoy the wonderful sounds you’ve been missing.

The Very Latest in Hearing Aid Technology






Western carries a large variety of brands and styles of hearing aids that use the newest, most innovative technology to help you hear and enjoy the sounds of your life.

Hearing Protection and Assisted Devices

To prevent hearing loss by protecting people from damage caused by loud noises, Western also has a variety of hearing protection devices. Snowmobilers, hunters, shooters, motor sports fans and workers can avoid additional hearing loss by using protection.

Western also carries various assisted listening devices such as personal amplifiers, amplified telephones, clocks, and Bluetooth compatible technology. These options are useful for simple everyday desires like watching TV and communicating more efficiently in home, work and social settings such as a lecture or church.

In addition, Western now carries residential and commercial telecoil loop technology. This enables an entire room or an individual chair to be linked to a desired sound source and individuals within that looped area will enjoy direct link amplification without outside interference.
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