“I was self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid, but the tiny one that you fitted me with is so small, I don’t even realize it is there. I am grateful for the hearing that technology has made this possible...and I’m also very thankful for your caring service. I recommend you to all my friends.”

“It is just amazing how much better my quality of life is since you helped me with my hearing aids. I can finally hear my grandchildren’s laughter and the sounds of nature. Thank you Brenda, for your kindness and your experience. I can now enjoy life.”

“Thank you very much for your professional help in choosing the right aids. For me, that has helped improve my hearing. It has improved my ability to understand my business associates and employees that I deal with on a daily basis.”

“I am truly grateful for all the help you have given me. The service and testing are the best.”

“What I have found is that more than 30 years of hearing aid use, and just barely getting by, had created a world that is more within myself than I had realized. Dealing with the psychological aspect has been more than I ever imagined. I was often unable to recognize sounds I had not heard for so long. My wife and I cried at my Granddaughter’s graduation recently when a group sang the national anthem and I actually heard the words instead of the thump thump I was used to. Music has words and so much more that I have not heard for many, many years. Thank you Brenda, for being so professional at what you do. Your persistence and enthusiasm were major factors in motivating me to begin a new life.”

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